25 October 2013

Data citation at eResearch Australasia 2013

Data citation was a hot topic at this year's eResearch Australasia conference in Brisbane. As more institutions now have services for storing and sharing data in place, attention is now turning to encouraging re-use of data and, in particular, ensuring that researchers receive credit through scholarly attribution practices for their work producing data assets.

Griffith's Data Citation Project had a poster accepted for the conference, entitled Infrastructure, impact and outreach: Griffith University's Approach to Data Citation.

We also contributed to a half-day workshop facilitated by ANDS and including speakers from the Terrestrial Ecosystems Network (TERN), the Australian Antarctic Data Centre, and CSIRO. Our section of the workshop was entitled Encouraging use of data citations: Experiences building a culture of data citation at Griffith University. We focused on enhancements to discovery interfaces and smart use of metadata, as well as discussing some challenges in fostering a culture of data citation at an institutional level when there are many factors outside of any organisation's control (e.g. journal policies, research quality and rewards systems, style guides and reference management system functionality).

In addition to the workshop, Steve McEachern (Deputy Director of the Australian Data Archive) presented on Data Citation and Sharing in Australian Social Science – How, When and Why? ADA is conducting a survey of data citation attitudes and behaviours in the Australian social science community, results of which should be released in 2014.

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